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Three Cheers for Demure

Our friend Nora Gardner designs, makes, and sells clothes. She’s a big wheel in New York City, and we live in Podunk; but even Maine women know what to put on after they come in from chipping the ice off the well in the morning. Nora Gardner makes Sunday go to meeting clothes, I tell you what.

Nora Gardner

Beautiful Things. Beautiful People

(Lakeshore – Isaac Levitan)

Mizz E visits and comments here regularly. She’s an educator. She’s a generous contributor to the boys’ music fund for which I am grateful. She has a very sunny avatar picture. Brightens my day to see it.

She’s got a Tumblr page going. I’ve added it to my moribund and mostly obsolete blogroll. Look for it under Tail Feathers.

It’s ottist stuff, mostly. It’s from people I’m not familiar with much. Lends an air of discovery to it. I like looking at John Singer Sargent pitchas as much as the next guy — more, is more likely — but I’d like to see something different from time to time. But not bad. Some people just have a knack for curating Intertunnel collections. They’re coherent and interesting. I’m generally only one or the other of those things at a time, so I like to see them melded once in a while.

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