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OMG We’re All Gonna Die!

Trying to get in the spirit of the times.

It’s gotten so bad, Keith Moon is in the Stones now.

I’ve taken your best shot now. Still here. No, not here; there, actually. You can sleep in the ratty little midden you’ve fashioned out of tatterdemalion text. But you get the idea. You’re going to have to up your game. Even if you do, for me and Churchill it’s always been: In war, resolution; in defeat, defiance; in victory, magnanimity.

Churchill and Lieber and Stoller, I mean.

Self, I says…

My Son Invented President Math

Well, I guess he did. I never heard of it.

OK, quick: Who’s U.S. Grant minus John Quincy Adams? My six-year-old can tell you. We were somewhat flummoxed the first time he asked us. He waited, patiently, and finally offered: That’s hard, it’s OK, I’ll tell you.

BTW, it’s Zachary Taylor. I had to look it up.

(Update: Oh dear savior. For a lark, I just asked him who James Madison times James Madison is. He didn’t even hesitate or stop playing X-Box: Abe Lincoln. He rattled off a half dozen more answers multiplying one President by another to yield a third. I’m going back to the hospital right now to demand they give me the correct baby)

Month: March 2010

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