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I’m Working So I Won’t Have To Try So Hard

Reader and commenter and impresario Dave has challenged my Heir and The Spare again:

Alright, the chick in the Youtube video convinced me: $20 for Someday by the Strokes. A quick and easy one for ya- she’s very muse-i-cal

Dave (Bill Graham’s got nuttin’ on me)

Okey dokey. The boys know how to learn things. It’s the method they’ve been taught. Learn-Do-Teach. Still, I’m sort of amazed that in one day they can learn a new song well enough to perform it and produce a video of it by themselves. They did enlist their old man to play the bass with them. Last resort. The song only took two takes. I made a mistake in the first one or it would have taken only one. They’ll find a decent bass player. Someday.

The somewhat inferior but nonetheless somewhat charming original:


Bulletin, 2012: People Stockpiling Anxiety Medicine And Preparing To Call To Complain If Their Cable TV Is Out

As the philosopher Jagger once wrote: Things are different today. I hear every mother say. The pursuit of happiness just seems a bore…

You may think I’m joking in the headline, but if you read The Meteor, you’ll learn that there isn’t any joke you can dream up that doesn’t turn up true eventually. Sooner rather than later, usually.

Read The Rumford Meteor, or you won’t know what it says.

Sippican Cottage Readers Are Cautioned That It’s Time For The Hurricane Smith Preparedness Drill

You’ll need batteries for your transistor radio, so you can scan the dial looking for Hurricane Smith songs to pass the time. Make sure you’ve got plenty of milk, to mix with cognac and some other stuff to make your lo-fat Brandy Alexanders, in case Harry Nilsson and John Lennon come over. You should probably head over to Home Despot and get some plywood to put over all your windows; if your disco ball sends its reflections outside the house, you might attract ships at sea. Better to keep them in your living room, accenting the flocked wallpaper and the patterned mirror tiles on one wall. Your Peter Max poster looks best that way, too.

Don’t forget to stow your faux fur throw rugs, to expose your peel and stick parquet flooring in all its glory. Your stack heels will keep you up out of the raging water if you have sound footing. You’ll need candles, of course — but you’ve already got several dozen arranged around your papasan chair love nest. Fire them up with your Colibri coffee table lighter, and invite some storm-tossed lovely over. Don’t light the fondue pot until she’s in the building, or it’ll get gummy. Better have a doobie hanging around too; you’re not that charming. You’re no Hurricane Smith.

The King Of The King Of Trades

My kinda guy.

Britain’s longest-serving blacksmith is still forging iron in his workshop – at the age of 84. Hardy Fred Harriss, 84, first picked up a hammer and tong aged ten in 1938 and is still working every day 74 years later. He has worked back-breaking 12 hour days fixing steam engines and aircraft, as well as making railings and ornamental iron pieces. And the hardy blacksmith – who refuses to wear gloves for the blistering work – claims he will NEVER retire from the job.

I am having trouble adapting to a world where this man is unusual.

My Sons Can Learn Music Faster Than Anyone That Can Learn It Better

So yesterday, reader Dave left a message for my boys on The Drummer’s Only Nine And He’s Gone Hollywood On Us Already:

If they played requests and took Paypal they could make money right now
$20 for “Everybody Talks” by Neon Trees

Dave, who isn’t kidding

Well, my boys have always been instructed to come home with their shield, or on it. Here ya go:

Well, there you go. The boys are homeschooled, and they practice in a room with no heat or permanent electricity. They made the video themselves, using only the ambient mike on a flip camera and Windows Movie Maker on an old computer. I’ve added a Tip Jar to the top of the right hand column, serviced by Google. All you need is a credit card and an email address. [ Updated: Due to overwhelming demand, we’ve added a PayPal option] Who wants to give them a few bucks to buy some proper musical equipment, or perhaps a hundred-watt lightbulb? The widget auto-fills five bucks. Give what you like.

The original, serviceable, but somewhat inferior version by the Neon Trees, if you’re interested.

Pitch-And-Putt With Joyce And Beckett

Fair warning: lots and lots of swearing.

I found a somewhat dog-eared copy of Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man on my older son’s night table recently. No one’s making him read it. If you have books around, children read them. It’s as simple as that.

I once gave a copy of it to my wife, who is not Irish. After reading it, she asked, “What the hell is wrong with you people?”

I dunno.

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