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Flash Fiction Done Right

The Devil’s in the Cows. Sippican Cottage offers 37 sly vignettes, with all the life you can handle in every paragraph. His method: choose a random picture from the Library of Congress and then infuse it with all the warmth and pathos his imagination and heart can muster.

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The best book I've read in years.This is not hyperbole. The book, quiet, modest, sly, insidious, packs a wallop. It'll blindside you and punch a laugh out of you in a public place, and only sometimes because it's funny, which it often is. Sometimes it's just startling -- so apt and so unexpected.
Gerard Vanderleun
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There is, and this is rare in books, not a single page in the entire book that does not return an image to your mind that is vivid, striking, and lingers unfolding in your mind like a paper Chinese flower blooms in a glass of clear water.
Derek A. Cockerham
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What amazes me is how much 'story' Sippican packs into each story. Not one word is wasted, and each packs a punch. Sippican has taken an obscure genre and given it mainstream status. Get this book and you won't be sorry.
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Wonderfully crafted, thoroughly human.
Mother Effingby
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For such a thin little book, it packs a wallop. Every page has a surprise on it.

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