Sippican Cottage

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About me:

OccupationWriter, Furniture Maker, Raconteur, Bon Vivant, Amateur Professional Attempter Of Feats
LocationOxford County, Maine, United States
IntroductionI lost my job making glass eyes for merry-go-round horses back in my youth. I decided to become a mercenary commando soldier, you know: hired gun. I unwisely chose the Salvation Army as my outfit. I never got to kill anybody, and I’ve got tinnitus in my right ear from the bell.
InterestsI had lots of credit cards and a mortgage and paid lots of interests. Then I totally lost interest.
Favorite MoviesTalkies, mostly.
Favorite MusicI like to play Smoke On The Water, but I put the notes in a different order and use different words.
Favorite BooksNon-fiction coloring