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A Man Who Has Nothing In Particular To Recommend Him Discusses All Sorts of Subjects at Random as Though He Knew Everything

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Man, I Miss This Stuff

If you’re new around here, those are my kids. They’re not really kids anymore, of course. I think the drummer was twelve and the singer/guitarist was nineteen when they made that video. The older one is out in the world making his way. He’s performing music again, as

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The Weirdest Composer

I love the title overlay: The Weirdest Composer. Well, there’s plenty of competition for that title, but Erik Satie is certainly in the running. No matter how hard you study, and practice, and tinker around, you have to be somewhat nuts to come up with anything really original.

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It’s How You Push the Rock That Matters

I’ve been remodeling a bedroom in our house. It’s in a turret on the second floor. It’s my son’s bedroom, and was my other son’s bedroom before that. It makes an excellent defilade position for covering any invasions from up or down the street. The topic doesn’t come

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Somebody’s Gotta Go Back and Get a Sh*tload of Dimes

Well, now that you know how to run a Roman army, let’s figure out how you’re going to get that army where it’s going. Luckily, someone named Sasha Trubetskoy has made a subway-style map of all the major Roman roads, circa 125 anno domini. And it’s very, very

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A Song for You

Ray Charles Robinson singing a Leon Russell song in 1999, in Frankfurt Germany. He was about 70 years old then. He hadn’t lost anything off his fastball. There’s a convergence of material and audience and performer on display that’s pretty rare. You can hear a pin drop while

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Greatest Hits

fixing the basement

Our $25,000 House

Here she be, just as we found her: Our $25,000 house hov·el noun ˈhə-vəl, ˈhä- a small, wretched, and often dirty house OK, OK, we

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Maine Family Robinson

Some Great Date

The weather has turned here in Western Maine. A few weeks ago you could still find disconsolate patches of snow here and there, loitering with

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Double-Take Five

Hmmm. What’s a father to say about this one? I’m not exactly sure where it came from. My children have heard Take Five a million

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Sagas and Compilations

A Kingdom Where the Sky Is Burning