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The Baby Before the Bassinet

You’d think people in Maine would know something about firewood. You’d think wrong. I certainly assumed that the topic of felling, sawing, splitting, and drying firewood would have been pretty much settled around here by the time the Indians stopped giving impromptu haircuts to the newly arrived locals.

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Go Get The Witch’s Broomstick. Then We’ll Talk

So, if you’re following along in your playbook, we got the beast into the basement. My son thought about disowning me, but visions of heat in his bedroom took the edge off his discomfiture, if not off the ache in his arms. Of course in the basement didn’t

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It’s Only a Matter of Going

If you’re just tuning in, we’re recounting our BTU journey through the years. We started with bankruptcy and electric baseboard heat, which is more or less the same thing. Now we’re moving on to burning firewood, and anything else made of anything combustible that will fit through a

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Only One Problem

OK, so we decided to burn firewood to keep the ice inside the refrigerator where it belongs. That was a good idea. Waiting until the winter to decide was a bad idea. You see, people in Maine understand that there are seasons, and the time to prepare for

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A Little Regler BTU Math

I apologize in advance. We’re going to do math. Relax. We aren’t going to be doing that fancy math. The devil got up on his first day of work and went into his infernal office and put letters into equations that only had numbers in them a minute

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Much Ado About Heat

What to do, about heat? That’s not to say much ado about heat. I live in western Maine. Heat matters. You can insulate all you want, but believe me, you’re going to have to make some BTUs in the first place before you start chasing them around the

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Fie On Thee, Horseflies!

If you’re new around here, I live in a swamp. I know I’m supposed to call it a “pristine wetland,” but if you don’t mind,

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