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It’s Always a Good Day When You’re Above the Lawn

That’s Cyrille Aimee, who’s some sorta French chick, so, she’s like, automatically hot. It’s like a law or a rule or something. Can’t control her hair. Smokes cigarettes that Germans in a snowbank on the Eastern Front would turn down, I imagine. I bet she eats snails. Not in a restaurant, either. Just finds them in people’s fish tanks and eats them. She speaks English because she went to college at SUNY Purchase, which I hear now has some faculties and gymnosiums and a reflectory to eat in, where you think about what you could have done with the tuition money. It doesn’t seem to have done her any harm.

The song is written by Peggy Lee, of all people, and her then-husband, Dave Barbour, who was a alcoholic jazz banjoist, of all things. You’d drink pretty heavily, too, if you were in that close proximity to someone playing the jazz banjo.

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