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I Am Not A Good Father. This Is A Good Father

I am a father. I take that rather seriously. News media refer to the persons simply responsible for impregnating women as “fathers.” I don’t.

The word father does not allow for any hyphenations or qualifiers to me. You either are, or you aren’t a father. Pass/fail. If I am proud of anything in this life, it’s that I’m told by people I respect that I pass as a father. It’s enough praise, but it’s not enough accomplishment to suit me. I keep trying.

I’ll break my own rule now, and use an adjective to describe a father. The man in the video, little Ivor’s father, Jorge Cardile, is a good father.

He is not a good father because he succeeded in his effort. If it had failed miserably, and had no effect whatsoever, it wouldn’t have affected my opinion of him one whit — quite the opposite — for a prayer is not the pull of a lever expecting a gumball.

Jorge Cardile

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