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More Unorganized Hancock Live Show Goodness To Improve Your Monday Markedly

If you just stumbled in (hey, who hasn’t from time to time) that’s my two sons, AKA Unorganized Hancock, performing at the Skowhegan, Maine Maple Festival a few weeks back. I watch these videos the same way you do. They entertain me. I don’t get any less or any more enjoyment out of them because they’re my kids. I help them as best I can, then as fast as I can manage it I go sit in the audience.

I’m told by various and sundry persons that being married and having kids and generally being of a traditional frame of mind about many things is either a near-insurmountable row to hoe, or a bad idea in the first place — children are too expensive, or the world is too full of people already, or some such. Others say western civilization in all its forms is very important, of course, but they make it sound like a directive to eat your vegetables. You’re supposed to do it, grimly, because otherwise society will fall apart.

I just don’t get any of it. My wife and children are delightful, and I never get tired of them, and they fill my house with a jolly tintinnabulation every day they aren’t out in the great, wide world making their racket for strangers. I never miss whatever it is I’m supposedly missing out on. Our life might be difficult, but my family is the cure for that, never the cause. And even if you think the world has too many people in it, it surely still has too few of the pleasant variety, so we tried to make some more.

And I hate to break it to you, but vegetables are just food, and I like eating food, and you should too.

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Doing The Show

Here’s some more of my boys “doing the show” at the Opera House in Skowhegan, Maine last Saturday, for the town’s Maple Festival.You can see the original mention of it here: A Day In The Life. The performance was captured on nothing more than an ambient microphone on a flip camera, hidden behind their stand-up sign onstage.

I was a performer for a long time. I have a finely trained ear about some things. There are various kinds of applause, for instance. Some people applaud out of nothing more than politesse. A great many people applaud things because they are determined to like things in the first place, whether they are any good or not. Sometimes you get golf claps because you don’t suck, but you’re in the wrong place.  Many applaud simply to celebrate the end of something they don’t like.

That sound on the video is real, live applause. I’d know it anywhere, because it is so rare.

Unorganized Hancock

A Day In The Life

My three sons, AKA Unorganized Hancock, performed for the Skowhegan Maple Fest at the Skowhegan Opera House this past Saturday.

What’s that? You thought I only had two sons? Well, we conceived another the weekend before, and put him together like humans do, so he was ready to take the stage this last weekend. We call him “Slim McGillicuddy.”

I’m not going to spoil the effect by writing about the performance here today. Just watch the video. It’s all in there. I’m even in it, if you look hard enough. No, not that guy. No, not that guy either. I’m that other, other guy.

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Back To Skowhegan

Well, your favorite Homeschooled Pop Duo, Unorganized Hancock, is back treading the boards in Skowhegan, Maine this weekend. They’ve already played three jobs in Skowhegan. The town seems to like them. We like the town.

Skowhegan is very much like where we live now, but then again, it isn’t. They’re both the wreckage of mill towns trying to get up off the mat, but Skowhegan is doing a better job of it. They have a lively arts, commerce, restaurant, and public fetes scene that makes the town seem like it’s moving in the right direction. The citizens of Skowhegan  have been very kind to my children. It’s the easiest way to get me to like you.

The boys played last summer at the Skowhegan Riverfest, and the next day they played a jazz brunch at the very cool Pickup Cafe, and later in the season they performed for the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, which was a stone, cold rave.

This Saturday, March 15th, The boys are headlining the Talent Show at the Skowhegan Opera House. Show starts at 7:00. The boys are playing two sets, almost an hour total. The Opera House is pretty big; it seats 850 people. I don’t think it will be full. Just a hunch, since there’s only about 849 people in Maine. Here’s a picture of the venue in the locul papah ah few ye-ahs back :

A pretty and intelligent friend of ours who lives on the wrong coast pointed out that the boys needed a sign. I know when I hear the truth spake. So my whole family went down to the workshop on Sunday, and we made a six-foot-tall Unorganized Trojan Billboard out of plywood and pine and housepaint. There’s an easel setup on the back, so it’s freestanding. We had lots of laughs doing it, and spent most of our time naming our new spokesman. Stretch McGillicuddy was my fave. Slim Chance was another. A-Flat Minor was another. You can take a stab at it in the comments if you like. The kids and I all took a run at the paint job, so to speak. Like all our work, we pride ourselves on the fact that we can do it faster than anyone that can do it better, and we can do it better than anyone that can do it faster.

So, here you go:

I’m told that the organizers of these events often refer to the boys YouTube channel to decide if they want to hire them. Bringing the third son might be a problem. But we can bring the cat, fer shure.

The Somewhat Organized Hancock Update

That’s right, Unorganized Hancock fans, my Fab Two sons will be playing two really big shoes at the Skowhegan Riverfest. Saturday at noon, on the main stage under the big top, and Sunday at ten to help you choke down a Bloody Mary while you pick at your omelette at the Pickup Cafe. Be there or be L7, man.

They’re almost a year better than this now:

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