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Doing The Show

Here’s some more of my boys “doing the show” at the Opera House in Skowhegan, Maine last Saturday, for the town’s Maple Festival.You can see the original mention of it here: A Day In The Life. The performance was captured on nothing more than an ambient microphone on a flip camera, hidden behind their stand-up sign onstage.

I was a performer for a long time. I have a finely trained ear about some things. There are various kinds of applause, for instance. Some people applaud out of nothing more than politesse. A great many people applaud things because they are determined to like things in the first place, whether they are any good or not. Sometimes you get golf claps because you don’t suck, but you’re in the wrong place.  Many applaud simply to celebrate the end of something they don’t like.

That sound on the video is real, live applause. I’d know it anywhere, because it is so rare.

Unorganized Hancock

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  1. They're not the only ones who should be taking a bow. Your wife, for instance. As for you, be around back in the van. Warmed up and ready to go in case the audience turns on them.

  2. I see your lads, and I am glad I know you (and I do know you in the real world, from the surreal days in LA).

  3. The Heir has shown multiple times his skill at rock and jazz, playing multiple instruments. In this video the Spare shows some judgment in varying what he bangs on when: increasing musical taste. Not that he hasn't already shown it- just that it stood out for me in this video.

    I am predicting the Spare will develop his skills as a musician to where he can play harmonica and the drums at the same time. After all, didn't Dylan play harmonica and guitar at the same time?

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