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A Man Who Has Nothing In Particular To Recommend Him Discusses All Sorts of Subjects at Random as Though He Knew Everything

More Unorganized Hancock Live Show Goodness To Improve Your Monday Markedly

If you just stumbled in (hey, who hasn’t from time to time) that’s my two sons, AKA Unorganized Hancock, performing at the Skowhegan, Maine Maple Festival a few weeks back. I watch these videos the same way you do. They entertain me. I don’t get any less or any more enjoyment out of them because they’re my kids. I help them as best I can, then as fast as I can manage it I go sit in the audience.

I’m told by various and sundry persons that being married and having kids and generally being of a traditional frame of mind about many things is either a near-insurmountable row to hoe, or a bad idea in the first place — children are too expensive, or the world is too full of people already, or some such. Others say western civilization in all its forms is very important, of course, but they make it sound like a directive to eat your vegetables. You’re supposed to do it, grimly, because otherwise society will fall apart.

I just don’t get any of it. My wife and children are delightful, and I never get tired of them, and they fill my house with a jolly tintinnabulation every day they aren’t out in the great, wide world making their racket for strangers. I never miss whatever it is I’m supposedly missing out on. Our life might be difficult, but my family is the cure for that, never the cause. And even if you think the world has too many people in it, it surely still has too few of the pleasant variety, so we tried to make some more.

And I hate to break it to you, but vegetables are just food, and I like eating food, and you should too.

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3 Responses

  1. "… I'm constantly amazed by the generosity of my readers …"

    The simple response is: you reap what you sow. A bit more thoughtful would be that you have a good "come-from". You tell your stories with but a smidgen of ego, a lot of truth, and well, it's like this if I may digress to make my point. When I ended up in the rooms of AA after successfully finding more sex-drugs-rock & roll than was fit for three people my sponsor told me "Chas, if you ever help anybody in these rooms it'll be by accident"; lesson was to put ego in back seat, let God drive, and let help issue forth without premeditating anything. That has worked for me for 27 years.

    Sipp, you have that knack. You get your ego out of the way and speak truth with humility, mostly. We all have a pinch of ego, I reckon I got maybe four other people's shares, folks that are modest, shrug. Guys like you. I will make that assessment conditional; I never seen you playin' and singin', grin.

  2. Congrats on the kids, but they really could use a base or friends in the future. I will check their vids from time to time and hope they continue to grow in all ways and continue to expand their musical horizons.

    I was surprised that I did not see a variation of Cantaloupe Island or the US3 version.

    Has your older son looked at the old Fleetwood Mac – he might like Jeremy Spencer's stuff, which was lighter and often comedic, though I prefer Green's and Kirwan's overall – Spencer was too repetitive when he was young, but did play a mean Elmore Leonard slide.

    good fun and good luck
    and if they will grow up the same, have more kids or adopt. Split screen does not work well in concert

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