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Battle Of The Nineties Pop Bands

In this corner, The Bluetones, from Lunnon in Merry Olde. Made it to number two on the British pop chart in ’96. I remember a disc jockey in Newport, Rhode Island that liked to play this song on our breaks when I was still playing out in bars. Jolly and jangly.

And in this corner, friends of the Sippican Cottage, Jellyfish, hailing from Sam Clam’s Disco. Pure power pop for now people. Stand-up drumming is way underrated. If you sing, they have to put you out front. Case closed. I played for years with a stand-up drummer. Hi, Paul! I apologize, but I’ve made my own drummer now and you’re fired.

 OK, you can vote, but remember: No Wagering.

*Sniff* I was still young and mighty in the ’90s. Now I’m just mighty. *sniff*

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