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Let’s Play Find The Spoof!

Hint: The one that isn’t a spoof seems the most absurd.

Mmmmm. Lee Remick. Little-known fact: Barack Obama was the rhythm guitar player in the Rutles.

A Long, Languid, Heartfelt Plea Launched Into The Ether

Driving around a virtual world with the windows down. Blows hot and cold.

Notes in a bottle. Fingernails scratching at the unyielding mica schist in a dungeon, trying to leave some totem of a life. A wounded bird set free in a world of felines.

I didn’t mean nothing by it. I didn’t mean to look. You stood still and the Doppler put you on a carousel, gone loose in the joints, the big, spidery gears smeared with grease and the swarf of a million revolutions. The neon flickers all the time, but sometimes you can pick up the frequency and see the rhythm in it.

Is it a prayer or a curse you offer? Is there a difference?

Tag: folk songs

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