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A Man Who Has Nothing In Particular To Recommend Him Discusses All Sorts of Subjects at Random as Though He Knew Everything

Time To Be Great Again, My Lord

by: Sippican Cottage

Sun’s beaming in the window,
There’s rumbling from the floor,
We’re swinging while we’re swaging
Boxes dancing out the door.

Oh how our muscles ripple,
We’re making twenty knots,
We’re alternating; current —
We’re glowing with the watts.

Pounding down the corridors,
With Bill of Lading piles;
Our output’s put the boss on ice
We’re blowing out the dials.

They count the beans but can’t keep up,
We’re cooking with the gas;
Our arms are made from tempered steel,
Our heart is made of brass.

That brass is rolled to make a tube,
The tube is bent just so;
And if we blow that trumpet, Jack,
The girls get all aglow.

The whistle blows at five o’clock,
It’s twenty-three skidoo;
The guys and gals that made that stuff,
Go out for dancing too.

They box the compass of the steps
Then swing from chandeliers;
They leave the clerks there in the lurch
Then kick it up a gear.

They pound the floor into the ground,
They swing and then they sway;
They’d drink to all their troubles,
But they’ve long since gone away.

They close the places late at night,
And walk home ‘neath the stars;
Arm in arm, exchanging charms
One’s Venus, one is Mars.

Mighty children spring from them,
To keep the flame alight;
They nurse them with acetylene,
And ultra-violet light.

They grow some whiskers when they’re old,
And sit down for a spell;
Their Ercoles will take their place,
And raise a little hell.

5 Responses

  1. Thanks for posting that again – I first saw it here and shared it with my friends. What can I say – it rocks in a way that no factory I ever worked in rocked. Oh yeah!

  2. Thanks – it has been a great Saturday.

    This morning at market I met a woman from Maine. I was wearing 5 layers of insulated clothing on my upper body, long johns and jeans on my lower body, two pairs of socks inside of my largest shoes, had a hat on my head and I was hoping it would warm up a bit.

    The Mainiac was wearing a summer dress and a light sweater. She thought the NC weather was delightful.

    It's all a matter of perspective, I reckon.

    Okay, this is all apropos of nothing, other than it was nice meeting someone from Maine and seeing that 34 degrees as an overnight low is really not all that bad.

    As you were…

  3. Sixty Grit: The Mainiac's response to a cold spell in NC may help explain why, as a New England native, I wear shorts 9-10 months of the year in TX.Heat and AC can be dispensed with, for the most part.

    Good video.

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