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Maybe You’re Amazed

The Faces performing Paul McCartney’s Maybe I’m Amazed in 1972.

Ronnie Lane is the hobbit bass player, delivering the first lines with his patented “turkey in the rain” pose. Then Mr. Gravel chimes in and the thing takes off. The Rolling Stones ran out of Micks and Brians, and needed a lead guitar player who didn’t need to be called that, because, you know, Keith Richards. They drafted Ron Wood to keep the Faces from being better than they were indefinitely. Rod the Mod hadn’t entered his scarves and feathers phase yet, but he obviously already wanted to know if you thought he was sexy.

The Faces sounded like they’d only been playing together since earlier in the day, or forever and a day, and at the same time, too. That’s alright. Live performances should have an element of risk in them. Tightrope walking isn’t interesting because a guy walks around. It’s only compelling because he might fall while he does it. The Faces never stumble, but they walk along the edge, don’t they?

And Ronnie Wood can always tune his guitar after the show. It’s not that important.

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