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The Jewbadours Are My New Second-Favorite Band

Of course Unorganized Hancock has been my Numero Uno favorito completo band for four years now, although not necessarily in a row. I’m related to them, so that means they’re definitely in my tribe, and as you know, you gotta support the team. The second-place slot on my hit parade is always in flux, however.

I had a dalliance with the Kimjongleurs for a short while. Their brand of love-starved — and every other sort of starved– ballads really hit home for me. I took a flutter on the 4chan-teuses, but their lyrics were a little risque for my tastes. I enjoyed the heavy metal stylings of the Crystal Methodists, but their gigs go all night and I can’t stay up that late anymore. No, if there’s going to be a new Number Two in my life, it’s got to be the Jewbadours:

That’s pretty damn good, but lets not get ahead of ourselves with praise here. A peek behind the mixing booth curtain would reveal the true secret of their success: Copious amounts of the McDonaldizer plugin for ProTools.

The Jewbadours use a beard setting that’s a little low for my tastes, but the heavy post-Doobie mix offsets any harmonic alopecia. Anyway, let’s not quibble. The Jewbadours are the best thing to come out of New York City since King Kong, and since he came out feet first, they’re the reigning champs as far as I’m concerned.


The Jewbadours

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