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A Man Who Has Nothing In Particular To Recommend Him Discusses All Sorts of Subjects at Random as Though He Knew Everything

Take Five. Now Hipster Brubeck Aficionado Approved

Firstly  let me adjust my Patagonia heritage jacket. I won’t take it off, even if it’s 95 degrees at the loft party. I wear it open. Totally insouciant that way. There’s a hint of plaid underneath. Not in my outfit. That’s entirely plaid. The hint of plaid is on my skin. I’ve never been outdoors in the daytime, so I’m sort of sallow, and my plaid shirt, T-shirt, tie, and underpants are starting to leave little checkerboard patterns directly on my skin. Must be all the Fair Trade dye. I’m not wearing sunglasses, of course. That would be silly. I’m wearing mountaineering glasses. Inside. At night.

Anyway, I only listen to Nepalese Dave Brubeck cover bands. You probably haven’t heard of them.

When I can’t find Nepalese Dave Brubeck cover bands on vinyl at my locavore Greek yogurt stand/independent music store, I’ll settle for these two deck cronkites laying it down in an unheated hovel. It’s Western Maine, but at least it isn’t midtown. They make me want to bust a polyrhythm moby. Peace out.

[Update: Many Thanks to Kathleen M. in the Nutmeg State for her constant support of my boys’ efforts via the TipJar. We greatly appreciate it.]

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  1. Hi Walt- Thanks for watching and listening and reading and commenting.

    When the video was made, the drummer was only 9 years old, and still in his deadpan phase. In a way, he was much funnier when he never cracked a smile.

  2. ahem…. itunes. amazon. i would like this in a format that I can put on my music player and add to my rotation of symphony and jazz tunes. not savvy enough to rip directly off of youtubes.

  3. Hi Dan- The children aren't allowed to sell their versions of popular songs because we can't afford to hire a lawyer to apply for performance rights for them. If we sold them on iTunes or elsewhere, we'd soon be crushed like bugs.

    The children have written their own songs, which they do own the rights to, and they're currently being sold on sketchy websites by Russian mobsters, who don't have to play by the same rules we do.

    Email me at sippicancottage*at* for, ahem, more information.

  4. I dunno, Sipp. My uncle Letsgo Lozko, of the bantam chicken raising Lozkos, he cut a version of "Blue Rondo Ala Turk" on his accordion and he only had to pay off the Bohemian Mafia around Cicero Illinois. Maybe if your kids published in Lemont or Calumet City they could beat the tariffs.

  5. I gots me 2 questiones: Does The Spare have his stix marked so he remembers which end to use, and howze come there's one mike in the picture but I'm getting the guitar in stereo? Is it my split hearing, or split personalities hearing what they prefer? (That alone should prove I'm not a robot, bot, bot, bot.

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