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A Man Who Has Nothing In Particular To Recommend Him Discusses All Sorts of Subjects at Random as Though He Knew Everything

I Suddenly Got The Urge To Hear Someone Play The Guitar

Roy Buchanan 

I owned a Telecaster way back when. It was like trying to play a shovel.

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  1. What can I say about ol' Roy? He was given gifts and miseries in equal measures, or maybe a bit too much on the miseries side.

    I have been listening to him since I was driving around in a Rambler with and 8 track. Yeah, I'm old.

    As I get older and increasingly deaf, I find that I enjoy the squeal less enjoyable than I did as a yute. It is impressive how even in the lower registers he is able to get a lot of treble out of that shovel.

  2. You never know when that urge to hear someone play guitar is going to hit someone. I manage the (disappearing) music department – for a few more weeks, anyway – at a Barnes & Noble. Last week a gentlemen came in. In terms of dress, bearing, and age he looked like a successful accountant only a few years into his retirement.

    "I just heard this musician on PBS last night! Joe something – Joe Boon, Joe Bahn . . . Joe I dunno."

    "Joe Bonamassa?"

    "Yeah! That's the guy! What was he playing? Do you have anything else like that? I had no idea I'd like that stuff!"

    Eventually he walked away with a Stevie Ray Vaughan compilation, happy as a kid at Christmas.

    Forgot about Buchanan, but remembering wouldn't have mattered since we don't have any in the stacks. We don't carry much music these days, and the customer wanted something Right Now. But he'll be back and we'll do a special order and get him into a nice disc of Roy Buchanan.

    What I'm saying is, thanks for the reminder. Sell enough Il Divo and it's easy to forget there's good music in the world, too.

  3. Never a tele fan but always enjoyed seeing Rory Gallagher giving one a good seeing to, Gerald needs to lie down in a dark room for a day or two.

  4. Saw Roy in a smokey club in the late 70's — was absolutely blown away by his ability to coax sounds out of his Tele, which this video doesn't really do justice to.

    Personally I love my Tele (although it's not my most favorite axe) and they can sound a lot less shrill with the right pickup/wiring mods/amp (and a lot less reverb!). Nothing cuts through the mix quite like a Tele, though

  5. Any Southeasteners remember The Great Southeastern Music Hall in Lindberg Plaza in ATL (where I saw Roy B)?

  6. You know way back in the day Steve Morse had a "Frankenstein" Tele he cobbled together putting a Strat neck on a Tele body, and fitting as many DiMarzio pickups as humanly possible on it. Of course he's so talented he probably could make a shovel sound great.

    Of course these days Steve earns his daily bread by playing "Smoke On the Water" with Deep Purple something he manages with humility and humor.

  7. I saw Roy Buchanan twice, in the early seventies, and his playing was just amazing, uniquely his own sense of genius and heart, I remember those shows like it was yesterday. One of our local musicians later joined his band for several recordings and tours, and said his best playing was never recorded. Jeff Beck admired the heck out of the guy. He sure was a strange dude, though, suffering with his various demons.

    And he played some other guitars, but was known for his miracles on the Telecaster. Creative and sublime much of the time, but capable of getting bogged down in squeals and noise on occasion.

  8. Steve Morse is playing with Deep Purple?
    Ain't that a hoot?
    Saw the Dregs probably more times as any single band
    including several times at GSMH

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