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A Man Who Has Nothing In Particular To Recommend Him Discusses All Sorts of Subjects at Random as Though He Knew Everything

Oil Paint And Lighter Fluid

Walt Disney is the only true genius I know of that has worked in Hollywood. Like most geniuses, not many paid any attention to his advice, probably because it sounded so trite. It was also at odds with his image. Disney’s a square telling the freaks to be different, not look different. They don’t want to hear any of that. That sounds like showing up on time and dressing like a bank teller and producing worthwhile work on a regular basis.

The term genius has been debased over time. Lots of brilliant people have worked in the entertainment industry, of course. Being brilliant isn’t the same as being a genius. The term has been dumbed down even further by the Intertunnel, where anyone that gets anyone else to pay attention to them by any means is called a genius.

So, what’s a genius? Napoleon said it was de fixer les objets longtemps sans etre fatigue. The ability to concentrate on objectives for long periods of time without tiring. That’ll do. Walt paid attention to his objective fifty years in advance. His only advice: be yourself, only works if yourself is notable. That’s why creatives shun it, and greenlight Batman XVI instead.

11 Responses

  1. "Walt Disney is the only true genius I know of that has worked in Hollywood."

    That is only because he rose to the level of genius fit to play backup for "The Sultans of Sw……." BANG! THUD!

  2. @Vanderleun – I think you've officially killed it – and I've (mostly) been on your side in this thing. 'Thank you goodnight now it's time to go home'

  3. Hey! Youse Guys! Din't I tell you this meme's HAD IT?

    Let's have the Sultan of Swat put some prime hickory on the Sultans of Swing and knock them outa this park!


  4. As a visual artist, I would Say that the effect of Walt Disney films on the arts compares equally to effect of Sultans of Swing on music…It's bad art. But you knew that, you're just proving a point, right?

  5. Gerard! Surely we can milk this thing a little more.

    Hi Johnny and Leelu and Sam

    Hi anon- I offered no opinion on Walt's use to a person like me. I'd rather have a molar out than go to Disneyland. But accomplishment must be acknowledged where you see it.

    Upon further reflection, I wonder if Charlie Chaplin also deserved to be termed a genius. Mebbe.

  6. it was interesting to watch but my only thought through all that was to wonder where that art is today. any thinking person can rightly assume that those men didn't take a bus holiday such as this every weekend but rather at the behest of a film crew. so it would also stand to reason that viewed the day's work as no big deal…which i'd hate to think of. i'd gladly hang 3 of those four on my wall (assuming i had lots of money or they were cheap).

  7. Gerard – I just thought the last quote was an appropriate close-out.

    We can always do more, later.

    Now, about those 2 X 4s…

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