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A Man Who Has Nothing In Particular To Recommend Him Discusses All Sorts of Subjects at Random as Though He Knew Everything

A Born Lever Puller

I must admit I look forward to these videos overmuch. The boys do them entirely by themselves now. Sometimes I hear them being made, and get a good idea of what the finished product might sound like while it’s still an unthrown pot. Other times, I’m working in the shop with everything humming and banging, and I get it sprung on me the same way you do. I have to remind myself not to meddle. It’s deuced difficult. I got out of bed this morning, eager to open my browser and see this video for the first time. The Heir compiled it last night, after he and his brother recorded it yesterday afternoon. I do believe a stranger could be entertained by them.

The little feller is still only nine. He deserves ever so much less credit for his efforts than his big brother. Big brother has painstakingly learned everything you see here, on his own, mostly. The little feller is just a wonder. He can play the drums as unwaveringly as a professional adult can. This is not a father’s opinion. I played for money with lots of professional drummers. Maybe one or two of them were better than he is right now, in the only way that matters: the ability and willingness to play something suitable, steadily, while accompanying other people. When you see videos of really young drum phenoms on YouTube, they’re generally playing along by rote with a (bad)recording, not other humans. That’s data entry, not music. Not many of them, and even fewer of their parents, have much of an idea of them ever entertaining an audience by being musical. It’s just Can You Top This. Music is not weightlifting. The world’s gone crazy and The Gong Show has replaced Carnegie Hall. You’re supposed to be entertained, not impressed, anyway.

I do believe the little feller deserves to be called a musician. His big brother certainly does. Their father and mother are very proud of them.  There’s a PayPal tip jar in the right-hand column if you want to show them some love. But I’m warning you right now — no matter how much money you send them, I’m not buying them saxophones.

[Update: Barbara M. sent along a generous donation to buy saxophones for the kids. Oh Jayzuz, not saxophones. A saxophone is just a flute with emphysema, and I don’t like flutes either. But I love Barbara!]

[Upside-Update: Dave R, who dared the kids to start this whole thing, is very generous with his moolah and his suggestions and expertise. Many thanks! Kathleen M is relentlessly generous. Many thanks! Melissa K is amazingly generous and we’re very, very grateful for it. Many thanks to everyone that watches, and comments, and hits the tip jar]

[Once Upponna Update: Thanks to Sarah R. for helping the boys out! ]

16 Responses

  1. I love your boys. I wish I could see into the future, but I know this right now: They will be splendid Men, and everything you hope for.

    See—now. I didn't even remember the saxophones. I had to root around in YouTube to find a video where the saxes were prominent.

  2. Duke Ellington, with whom I disagree, applied the following to the clarinet. I think it's most applicable to the saxophone, although you and I are apparently the only ones who think so.


    "An ill woodwind nobody blows good."

    And I thank you.

  3. That was a tour de force and a real breakout and breakthrough in the band's drumming. The guitar work is really gelling with nice confident tight guitar solos. This band is my favorite part of the internet.
    What a pleasant surprise that the bass playing didn't stumble when Sipp Sr. was replaced
    Haha I guess Sipp Sr. is Stu Sutcliffe now


  4. I noticed that SH isn't choked up on the drumsticks. I think this is the first video where he's using the full length.

    Well done.

    After several years of trying the Sax my oldest played was finally sold last summer, otherwise it'd be on the next UPS truck going in your direction.


  5. Rob- That's a world class pun. Where's Ruth Anne when we need her, to bless it?

    Hi Jim- Thanks. There is always happy noise available in my house.

    Hi Talitha- Well, I'm with you, saxophones are the devil's tailpipes. The only thing worse is bagpipes.

    BTW, What's the difference between bagpipes and a trampoline?

    You take your shoes off to jump up and down on a trampoline.

    Kathleen- Many thanks for your continued support and encouragement of my children's efforts.

    Hi Julie- Interestingly, "No One Expects Kazoos" is the name of my Sister Sledge tribute band.

    But I digress.

    Hi Dave- Thanks for your support, and for your impressions of their progress.

    You're probably spot-on about me and Stu Sutcliffe. I've been kicked in the head numerous times as well.

    Hi Dadof- He can play the drums in a sort of relaxed manner now. I guess it shows. If you listen to the drums during the guitar solo, you can hear his steady, snappy backbeat. He has a the little snap of the wrist you need now. It's marvelous to see.

    If you send me a saxophone, I'm going to adapt it to HVAC work I'm doing.

  6. Ya want I should send you my 70s era Bundy Selmer E-Flat Alto Saxophone? It's been borrowed a lot.

  7. Ruth Anne!

    You may want to file away, you know, just put in the background — keep in mind — turn over in your head, stay cognizant of, and be aware of the fact that the boys might not actually desire to have a saxophone. Just FYI.

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