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My Sons Can Learn Music Faster Than Anyone That Can Learn It Better

So yesterday, reader Dave left a message for my boys on The Drummer’s Only Nine And He’s Gone Hollywood On Us Already:

If they played requests and took Paypal they could make money right now
$20 for “Everybody Talks” by Neon Trees

Dave, who isn’t kidding

Well, my boys have always been instructed to come home with their shield, or on it. Here ya go:

Well, there you go. The boys are homeschooled, and they practice in a room with no heat or permanent electricity. They made the video themselves, using only the ambient mike on a flip camera and Windows Movie Maker on an old computer. I’ve added a Tip Jar to the top of the right hand column, serviced by Google. All you need is a credit card and an email address. [ Updated: Due to overwhelming demand, we’ve added a PayPal option] Who wants to give them a few bucks to buy some proper musical equipment, or perhaps a hundred-watt lightbulb? The widget auto-fills five bucks. Give what you like.

The original, serviceable, but somewhat inferior version by the Neon Trees, if you’re interested.

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  1. man that jarred out a memory, now if only i can find the loose end. what movie was that were god calls up an angle while while he's on his way down….please help

  2. Hi Leon- It's an infomercial from the fifties for telephones. My sons put the video together themselves.

    Leslie! You're a peach. Many thanks.

  3. Well I've been to two planetariums, three County fairs, a meteor shower and a puppet show and I've never seen anything more amazing than that- I'll throw in another $5 for the video and lemme know if you're game for more requests-
    I looked forward to this all day but that really exceeded my wildest expectations


  4. Aaaaah the tip jar only does Google accounts and I ain't got one nor do I really want one- do you have a Paypal or can I go through one of the Sippican Global Conglomerates accounts?

    Dave, who longs to be a patron of the fine and performing arts

  5. Sippican:

    This new technology stuff makes my head spin. How about an address and I'll send an old-fashioned check?



  6. I hate to say it, but I'm also wondering if there's an option other than Google, as I don't trust them with my wallet…

  7. I was going to run off and let the boys bang away at it, but then I thought they might come up w/ sumpin, and by golly they did.

    Google is evil and cannot be trusted with my money.

  8. Well that was obviously too easy… another $20 for "Hard to Explain" by the Strokes. Based on the band's output so far, bass players will be calling soon for opportunities to audition. Do they have internet down at the Union Hall?

  9. Hi everyone- Thanks for reading and for your kind comments and support.

    I have no way to offer another payment option. I've used Google Checkout for three years and hundreds of transactions. The service has been exemplary in every way.

    Dave's challenge was a lot of fun, but it has also been instructive for our boys. ie: the promoter never has the money when you go to get paid.

    Thanks to Leslie and Gareth and Lorraine and Philip and especially David for their support, and to Maggie's Farm and Tim Worstall for linking, and to everyone for reading and watching and commenting.

  10. Be glad to toss some coin into the pot, but I'm not going to go through Google.

    Can you set up a Paypal account? It's pretty easy.

  11. More thanks go out to Jan and Kathleen and Julie and Rob!

    OK, everyone that demands PayPal. By dint of concerted effort, we've managed to get a PayPal button going. The process gave me a slight aneurysm, dyspepsia, and a touch of the dropsy, but we did it.

    Let's see if Dave is legit!

    Rob- You heard correctly. The boys were the directors and producers and writers and so forth, and ordered me around a bit, including playing bass. I made many more mistakes than they did.

  12. Alright, I was thinking all day about my challenge and I was thinking that I will also accept "Blue Sky" by the Allman Brothers, "Brown-Eyed Girl" by Van Morrison, "Top of the World" by Cheap Trick, or "Amy" by Pure Prairie League. You'll find my greenbacks crispy indeed: I was thinking that perhaps the lesson for the lads to learn early was the necessity of keeping an eye on the management-

    I like the new Fender amps that can sound like 1000 other amps


  13. Also acceptable would be "Only You Know and I Know" by Dave Mason or "Overkill" by Colin Firth. But if you guys are gonna go buckwild on this I want a quantity discount…
    Protip: managers always blame all the problems on the promoters


  14. @Dave – those are great choices, but I'm an old rock n' roller from the late 50's early '60s. So my choice would be something like "Blueberry Hill" or "Peggy Sue" which would be perfect for a single guitar, bass and drums.

    Too bad they don't have a rhythm guitar – Ventures or the original Shadows version of "Apache".

  15. Hi again everyone- Thanks also goes out to Hank and Anh and Russell. The boys are thrilled with the attention and support. Many thanks!

  16. I wish I could've given more. But it's been windy here; that makes it a bit difficult to collect the aluminum cans along I-10.

  17. After "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" came out, Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention did an album whose cover was a parody of the Beatle's album. The Zappa album was titled "We're Only In It For The Money". If the kids promise to buy the songs from that album and listen to them, I'll cover the cost.

  18. Hi Tom- The boys have received almost $250 dollars, from all over. Maggie's Farm featured a link to the video on Tuesday of this week, and we are grateful for it.

    If you're reading this, Melissa K from down south, many, many thanks for your donation!

  19. Golden West! Many thanks.

    So many nice people in the world. I'm like the nice people sink trap of the Intertunnel.

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