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A Man Who Has Nothing In Particular To Recommend Him Discusses All Sorts of Subjects at Random as Though He Knew Everything

I Hate To Admit It, But This Is A Close Approximation Of Me While I’m Reading The Newspaper

I stole this from my son’s Tumblr page, which is much funnier than anything I’m doing.

Thanks to everyone that reads, and comments, and links, and all you nice people who have used the Amazon links and search box on the page here. And of course, everyone that’s purchased furniture from my little bidness. You’re all swell and I love you more than my folks.

I’m making a pile of furniture right now, and getting ready to release it into the wild shortly, heavily discounted, natch, with a What’s New email blast. If you’re interested, but not signed up yet, go here and enter your email address in the box atop the page. I don’t send them out very often, so your inbox won’t get clogged with soapy textual Sippican hairballs or anything. I like to keep the Intertunnel drain free-flowing.

I have a question for my audience: I’m considering changing the payment method on my Sippican Cottage Furniture page from Google Checkout to Amazon Payments. I have no complaints with Google Checkout; it’s been terrific, but next to no one has an account, so I figure that since an Amazon Account is almost universal at this point, it would be more convenient for my customers. So:

What say you, Intertunnel friends? Google or Amazon? 

Additional input in the comments would be most welcome, of course, but I warn you: anyone that mentions PayPal will be snickered at behind their back.

11 Responses

  1. I got two free emails just for joining your mailing list. The giving just never stops 'round here, does it?

  2. I once saved a guy's life by sending him pizza using Pay-pal. HE WOULDA DIED! Slightly on topic about the video, though. Our bakery is right next to Yellow Truck's Big Freaking Facilities. They used to order donuts every Tuesday. Including Angel Creme filled donuts. The yelling man should know that there are no angels in the angel creme donuts, NOR is there creme. It's just powdered sugar, vanilla extract and a couple of cans of Crisco shortening.
    Just sayin'.

  3. Paypal and google are both getting too big for their britches. Amazon may be as well, but they come across as simply an eager and energetic mercantile establishment.


  4. I joined.
    I voted.

    cuz I could.

    I've never used a single on-line pay service.

    I know. Lame.

    Way behind.

  5. Well, here in the boonies Amazon comes in handy on almost a weekly basis, so that'd be the way to go.

  6. Use what works. I have been using PayPal to buy and sell goods and services for years.

    If a person is not on PayPal, I can send them an invoice by email and they pay with whatever credit card they have. This works on several continents.

    It sounds like your results were unsatisfactory. Stick with whatever people can use easily.

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