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A Man Who Has Nothing In Particular To Recommend Him Discusses All Sorts of Subjects at Random as Though He Knew Everything

My Son, Charging At The Musical Machine Guns

What’s bravery? Interesting concept.

It’s a kind of nerve, I guess. In a way it’s a form of egoism; in a way it’s abject modesty or selflessness. You offer your puny effort to the void, and the mob.

When I was a performer I called it facing the other way. If you’ve ever seen the discombobulation that grips the average person when you bring an audience member or an amateur up on stage in front of a substantial audience of strangers, you’ll grasp the chasm between facing one way or the other.

I’m proud of The Heir. He is brave. He’s writing music. He’s facing all the way the other way already. 

11 Responses

  1. well done.

    Looks like his own, or pilfered from Dad, equipment too.

    This is what we work for isn't it? To wake up one day and find that we are sitting in a cloud of dust. Theirs, as they accelerate into the future.
    My oldest was chafing at some of the rules, and my explanation of them was that they were the rifling in the barrel of life. So that when he was on his own he had some spin to help stabilize his future decisions. We only had him for the length of the "barrel", and once he left, it was the spin that keeps him on the path.
    He accepted that.
    You have every right to be proud of the heir. Seems your name will be in good hands.

  2. Dadofhomeschoolers, I like that analogy. I'll have to remember it when my boy gets to that age.

    Right now, he's chafing at the injustice of having to eat cereal from a spoon that I help him hold, since this bite's for him and not the dog. He started smiling and bopping when he heard the music just now, though. I must agree with Jewel – the heir should definitely keep it up.

    It does take guts to put yourself out there, and it takes even more to keep putting yourself out there. It's harder with music than with words or pictures, but in some ways it's more rewarding, too.

  3. Ah, to brave the slings and fortunes of outrageous Fate! Courage, it takes. Persistence, it takes. A listenable voice, it takes. The heir seems to have what it takes.

  4. You know why he is able to do that, don't you? Because you have rescued him from the mill of mediocrity. You have allowed him to have a childhood, with room to try it all, and it is bearing fruit. Happy. For you and for him…

  5. This! is what happens to a kid when he doesn't watch TV. Good work, Mom and Dad, and good work, heir! I expect we'll be hearing much more from you in the future.

  6. Beautiful tune! I LOVE the sound of the guitars; and the blending of the parts worked very well.

    And thanks for the inspiration, also. The courage to face the other way… Wish I'd found it this early in life, but I'm glad to learn from The Heir.

    (And tell DadofHomeschoolers I'm borrowing his rifle analogy for my son, who is fascinated by weaponry of any kind and will "totally get this.")

  7. I'd be a complete mess without music.

    Thanks be to my parents who chaperoned four years of Friday night high school band buses, ran fund raisers and concession stands for equipment money, and enthusiastically described my various grungy college combos as "awesome" the few times they saw us. I'll never forget seeing my mom and dad hugging the wall and dodging all the flying beer, spit, and sweat and managing to smile.

    I tried to play for a living for a second or two, but common sense and some good advice from my Pop over ruled and I shelved it, but I fall back to guitars and drums often for relief and escape.

    The kid's got the gene. Glad he's running with it.

  8. I hear the voice of a teen Ray Lamontagne just after it changed but before he took up smokes, spicy food, troubled women, and the experiences of life that deepen the voice. All you need to do, kid, is let life happen now.

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