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A Man Who Has Nothing In Particular To Recommend Him Discusses All Sorts of Subjects at Random as Though He Knew Everything

More Normal Than Tiny Tim, Odder Than “Brand New Key,” Somehow Less Disturbing Than Lou Christie

Canned Heat. I always had a soft spot for people that don’t fit in anywhere.

(Thanks to Charles Schneider for sending this one along)

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  1. Hi Bob- Love your new picture with the heir in it, by the way.

    Charles actually pointed that out to me when he sent me the link.

    I was nothing in the music business. I did however, get a peek at what it does to the vast majority of people in it. Anyone that makes it to SS age in the music business is an anomaly. I admire anyone that can work in it and not be consumed by it.

  2. I was in a band too, probably around the same time you were. It didn't take too long to dawn on me that in order to manufacture beyond 30 or so the kind of manic energy demanded by rock music, chemical assistance would be necessary.

    It's no coincidence whatsoever that the first generation of rockers all went in for "diet pills" (amphetamines), just as the second went in for cocaine. There is no way to allow oneself to have the normal range of human emotions when such energy must be generated on demand. Priceless commodities such as peace of mind, tranquility, and quiet joy have no purchase in the world of rock. Which is fine. But let someone else do the work. Who wants to be a tortured adolescent in his 50s?

  3. My father, less normal than all you fine men combined, was a lounge lizard with a powder blue suit to match the ickiness of the music he played and dear Peter, Paul and Larry…he sang too, how we all cringed. He played at clubs with names like El Cid. (I don't kid.)And he hated, absolutely hated Misty. But what he did for the lucre, it was filthy. You guys are a different league of musician altogether.

    He had a comb over, too. The ultimate denial of reality.

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