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The Sparkletones Is The Second Greatest Rockabilly Band Name Ever

I was in the Superfonics. That’s the greatest. We stunk, but man could we name things.

[Updated–look what I found in my junk drawer:]

5 Responses

  1. What about the Flat Duo Jets?

    …whose guitarist played mostly a Silvertone.

    It’s a rule that every rockabilly band must either play a Gretsch, or name themselves for one. But never both.

  2. My best friend had a band in the 60s in Coronado – “The New Britains”. Lee Barnes, on lead guitar, was considered the best guitar player in San Diego. They covered the Yardbirds, Kinks, Stones, et al, mostly at the Officers’ Club on North Island and high school dances. They wore the coolest pointed toe leather boots ever.

  3. Hi Mr. Tard-

    It’s Fenders all the way here. Stratoblasters man, and gone, baby, gone…

    Thud- I remember that one fondly, too.

    Golden West- My older brother did that here in Massachusetts in the sixties. They were The Beauxmen. Heh.

    You’re welcome, Sam L.

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