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Rockabilly Faceoff

First, from France, the Spunyboys:

And in this corner, from Maine, Unorganized Hancock.

Er, I have a personal favorite for some reason.

The kids have a gig in Ogguster tonight. The drum set is now smaller, and the drummer is much, much bigger and can carry it himself, thank Jeebus.

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  1. Hope the gig went well! Any recent video of the (one time) Lads? Every time I drive by that Chinese restaurant (and dust your table) I think of you. Best to all!

  2. Been waiting on an update about Unorganized Hancock for a long time. Please post a recent outing …. or what happens on July 4! Glad to hear it!

  3. These two never get old. But we wanna see them now, plus spousal unit and chitlins, if extant.

  4. Hallo gents- Thanks for reading and commenting.

    The boys haven’t been performing together for some time. The big one is out on his own, now. However, they’ve decided to start playing out again, so I expect we’ll have some new material soon. They played for about an hour last night in Ogguster. It was like they never took a day off.

    The formerly little one is now big. He composed EDM songs by the bushel, and is well-regarded on SoundCloud, besides playing the drums.

    All the best from your friends in Maine.

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