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Oh Boy!

Those are my two sons, AKA Unorganized Hancock, performing Oh Boy!, a song made famous by Buddy Holly and the Crickets. That was back in the 1950s when the world was still spinning on its axis instead of rolling down the galaxy’s gutter.

Stars appear and shadows are falling
You can hear my heart a-calling
A little bit a-lovin’ makes everything right
I’m gonna see my baby tonight

It’s trite. Conventional romantic love is a trite topic. It’s been covered. The only way to bring something new to the table is to bring something worse. I refuse to bring something worse to the table, and you can’t make me, and you can’t make my kids do it, either.

I hope they get their chance to fall in love and be possessed of the idiot excitement of simply seeing their beloved. I want them to be married and have children and raise them up and get a bad back from piggybacks. I want them to watch their geraniums wilting in their windowboxes. I want them to trip over a roller skate in the walk. I want the paint to peel on their rancher. I want them to roll down the windows and go for a drive. I want them to sleep on the floor next to the crib because their infant has a cold. I want them to tend to a brown patch of grass in front of the house. I want them to name their many children with more care than the family dog.

I want their children to play Oh Boy! in a tent on the town’s baseball field.

[Update: Many thanks to the wonderful Kathleen M. from Connecticut for her constant support of our sons’ efforts via the PayPal tipjar. It is greatly appreciated]
[Update: Many thanks to Mark M. of Colorado for his generous support via the PayPal tipjar. It is very much appreciated]

11 Responses

  1. Yes, Oh Boy!

    Looking down in the lower left corner of the video, it looks like they have their first groupie. Or else she wants to join the band. Very cute.

  2. Sipp, those are reasonable expectations. Um, except for the geraniums.

    You and Mrs. Sipp are helping the boys lay a firm foundation. A bloody nose or broken heart won't knock them on their butts. We are all fired in the forge and hammered out on the Anvil of Life.

  3. Well Sipp, they're on their way to nation-wide.

    Maggie's Farm featured Unorganized Hancock.

    Next stop Ed Sullivan.

    When will the long-awaited CD be out?

  4. Complete strangers are coming up to me and asking: When will UH put out a CD?

    I tell them "it always rains after a dry spell."

  5. Hi Everyone- Many thanks!

    Julie- That little girl had some sort of elaborate splints on her legs that nearly brought a tear to my eye. She danced continuously for the entire time we were there. Poignant, that.

    Hi Chasmatic – My boys can't record and sell cover versions of pop songs or I'll be crushed like a bug by the RIAA, and we can't afford the lawyers and stuff to get permission. However, wait until you hear their latest original hit. It's already recorded, and it will be debuted on a radio station in Auburn, Maine, next month, and we can certainly record and sell that. I swear it will be more popular than the national anthem.

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