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A Man Who Has Nothing In Particular To Recommend Him Discusses All Sorts of Subjects at Random as Though He Knew Everything

Others Keep Going, Too

I wrote the other day of the need to Keep Going. The Keep Going statue is the only trophy I want on my shelf just now. My wife says it’s fine if I want to accept it, but she’d prefer I didn’t start posing for it until I install a new bathtub. The Keep Going trophy is the only one worth having if you have children.

Longtime reader and commenter DadofHomeschoolers drops me a line from time to time. He’s one of the many people who let me know there are others that Keep Going. It’s much easier when you know you’re part of a quiet wave. His son Daniel is like my older son. They are too old for (homeschool) high school, but they keep going, of course. Daniel is studying to produce records, and like all people who Keep Going, he’s not waiting for a diploma to do things. Juliana Schnee is his friend, and another homeschool graduate, and they’re making recordings together. Juliana is writing music, and performing it where an audience can get at her — the bravest thing I know.

I offer no advice. Just a heartfelt wish that they Keep Going.

[If you know of someone that qualifies for Keep Going status, send it to SippicanCottage*at*]

4 Responses

  1. Lovely voice, lovely girl. Thanks.

    It's always good to be reminded that not all of today's young folk are formless blobs of tender emotion. May God smile on her family, and yours.

  2. One of the things that appealed to me about homeschooling was coming to the realization that creativity unleashed, would ultimately improve the world. There are so many voices telling us that we are doing it wrong. Doing it improperly. "What about testing??" I am a independent, hard headed woman, who blanched at it all. I saw so much amazing potential and talent in my kids, that I wanted to follow that. I stepped out in faith. I took the risk of "ruining" my children's future. I want everyone to do the same. Just think if everyone educated their children using their strengths and passions, no one would have the exact same education, and how fabulous it would be! I celebrate every person that keeps going. I admire anyone who dares to do what is best. We need thinkers and creators and doers!! The institutionalization of our country is failing it. Those of us who keep going, I believe, will keep it going ultimately.

  3. A man may have titles, wealth, honors, even his own merits. Nothing will serve as a legacy except our children. They are our investment in the future of the family, the community, our country.

    Our one son has homeschooled twelve children. Yes, a lot but then, he is a Baptist preacher. Others of our kids have placed their children in better than average schools. it will be interesting to see how each turn out. So far one of the Baptists is a soldier, serving first in Iraq and now Korea. The other grandkids are all stretching their wings, time to leave the nest as soon as mom and dad let loose of them, grin.
    They all have been instilled with what you are calling the "Keep Going" values. When we talk with any of them they tell us what their Plan A is. When we ask them, yes but what about Plan B? Some have stalled. Huh? gets a reminder that often Plan A is disrupted in the first five minutes (metaphorically) so yeah, best to have a Plan B. The light comes on. Others already have a Plan B for just in case.

  4. A local homeschooled young man became fascinated with WW2 when he was really young. He was especially drawn to the paratroopers and the chutes themselves. He decided to build one when he was about 13. He did extensive research and gathered the materials and got busy. He kept going and now, at 18 has a business making reproduction parachutes that he sells to collectors all over the world, and to movie and tv productions. The recent movie Unbroken featured his parachutes. He did all this before finishing high school. This is not a one-size-fits-all educated man. This is cool.

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