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Battle of the Bands: Unorganized Hancock vs. James Bond

There’s nothing like a good battle of the bands. A stirring hullabaloo, if you will. There’s a problem. There is no one compares with U.

Unorganized Hancock, that is. Here’s a snippet of their show at the Mystic Theater at 49 Franklin in Rumford. It’s the shizzle. It’s the show.

But we must try to find a worthy adversary for our Battle of the Bands. Because Unorganized Hancock has the Greatest 12-Year-Old Drummer in the World, finding competition is rough. Performers that can entertain an audience with only a 12-year-old drummer to help are in short supply, too, I guess. How would I know? I never leave the house.

At any rate, we had to look for worthy adversaries among people who are licensed to kill. Think of that! Only one member of Unorganized Hancock is even licensed to drive. But we are not looking for a New Jersey General for our contest. We want Daniel Dravot.

Hmm. It doesn’t have a great beat, and you can’t dance to it. I give it one ping only.

[Update: Many, many thanks to Kathleen M. in Connecticut for her constant support and encouragement of my children via our PayPal tipjar. I am not exaggerating one iota when I tell you that she refreshes my opinion of the human race]
[Many thanks to the Execupundit for his enthusiasm for the boys’ efforts]

5 Responses

  1. Always nice to see yer kids performing. Much better than the second-rate bar bands you often feature. Of course we like your prose too when you gather up enough word scraps from the workshop floor and paste 'em together to make coherent sentences. I can't wait until the snow melts away from your door so you can write about red red robins bob bob bobbing along.
    Here's a tip: when all else fails feature polka bands. The heir can handle it.

  2. Hello all- Many thanks.

    Thud- Whenever the boys play the Beatles, I think of you and your lovely family. You're the king of Liverpool as far as we're concerned, whether you accept the crown or not.

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