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Pure Pop For Then People — Crowded House

Neil Finn’s entry in the “Men that look like old lesbians” sweepstakes. He’s been going to the beauty parlor with Ron Wood and Jeff Beck, I see. Neil’s fronting the current iteration of Crowded House in the video. They were semi-big in the eighties. Big enough to still be working, at any rate. They’re from New Zealand and Australia and other upside-down places.

He can still sing, I also see. Before Auto-Tune, if you wanted to make money in pop music, you sort of had to be able to sing. It wasn’t absolutely necessary, of course. You used to be able to mumble into a microphone, then the producer would put all sorts of sturm und drang all around it, and you could have a hit; see: Don’t You Want Me Baby, by Human League. But crooners have an easier time of it, and have less trouble having more than one bite of the top forty apple.

Crowded House was one of those eighties bands — A Flock of Seagulls;  ABC, The Bangles; Thompson Twins; Duran Duran; Escape Club; The Fixx; Simple Minds; Simply Red;  Howard Jones; XTC; Dan Hartman; Icehouse; Level 42; Psychedelic Furs;  Hair Cut 100; Tears for Fears;  Wang Chung; World Party — bands that are growing interchangeable with the decades slipping by. If you put them all on the same bill, and they all wore matching suits, they could all play each other’s tunes and not many people would notice. But you always notice when people sing well.

11 Responses

  1. Crowded House are far more talented and unique sounding than you could ever hope to be.
    Perhaps leave music to someone who knows something about music.

  2. Actually, I'll bet a fiver that I'm a better musician than Neil Finn is a furniture maker.

    Thanks for reading (some of the words,) and commenting.

  3. at least when you thank me for reading and commenting you leave out the parenthetical comment. thanks for that.

    i notice that he has the type of hair cut that doesn't show the hair line…things that make you go humm.

  4. Actually, they sound like a cat being drug backwards through a picket fence. Or a cow pissing on a flat rock, whichever is worse.

  5. I'm cheerfully a Philistine.

    I liked the 80's bands when I was living in the 80's, I still like the 80's now, and I'd lay even money I'll like the 80's when I'm in my 80s.

  6. Anon couldn't even make up a fake name. Set phasers to Disregard!

    I have only a vague memory that I even recognize the band's name. The music–no. (I pretty much stopped listening to current music in the early '80s. Sounds OK to me.

  7. I realize Eighties music isn't everybody's thing, but I like to think I'd still be able to pick the Bangles out of that crowd. And Alannah Currie from the Thompson Twins. If you know what I mean and I think you do.

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