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A Man Who Has Nothing In Particular To Recommend Him Discusses All Sorts of Subjects at Random as Though He Knew Everything

Boulder Colorado Flood Cleanup

Say, shouldn’t you people be out looting or something? Waiting for a morbidly obese governor to hand you a check? Getting your stories straight for your fraudulent insurance claim? Shouldn’t you be waiting outside for FEMA to do that? Waiting for Brownie to come and do a heckuva job? Asphyxiating yourselves by running a generator indoors? Guarding your stash of non-perishable food by brandishing semi-automatic weapons at everyone that passes by?

What the hell’s wrong with these people?

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  1. There are winners and losers in the world; these folks are obviously winners. Even their piano stayed in tune.

    Thanks for the sunshine.

  2. As long as nobody thanks their neighbor by saying "Hey, mighty white of you to help" they will be safely ignored and not threatened with FEMA condemning their home.

  3. You are right, What is wrong with us.

    Think I will stop trying to figure out which road out of town is still half open and wait for the Guard Blackhawks to rain down blessings while I watch YouTube videos of other uninformed Coloradoans.

    A moistly dampened layabout

  4. Nothin' the hell wrong with sitting in a chair like that. My brother sits in a chair like that all the time, without even the smallest excuse of a flood for utilizing it so.

    I am surprised to not see more mud, knee high boots, long pants and gloves. . .not because I'm all about OSHA, but because I've cleaned up after floods, and everything has always been slicked in a good inch of strongly sewer smelling mud. Maybe they were lucky enough to not be living in an urban enough area where the sewers backed up the toilet.

    (We didn't sing anything so sophisticated, though. I remember a seemingly endless rendition of "Do Your Ears Hang Low" and "The Song That Never Ends." I was one of the oldest in our crew–my brother 4 years older than me, and a bunch of kids. Reportedly, we [him, and a bunch of women and children] outworked nearly every other volunteer crew.)

    (I don't think our choice of songs was what did it, though.)

  5. We had a similar party after a flash-flood in Mexico City. Neighbors and their kids, brooms and shop vacs, pizza and salsa music, bucket brigades, buckets on heads, and cleaning out the cistern.

    Because the Mexicans knew that nobody was going to show up with a check,insurance or government, they show up with a good will.

  6. What a great video. People cleaning up after a disaster and managing to make the best of it. Imagine that. Thanks for posting. Humanity is great.

  7. T:
    Now that you mention it… I notice the bottom sections of drywall all gone, probably not something you'd do until after the place had been swamped out. Given the cleanliness of the place an all involved, I'd say it was celebratory after a lot of hard work.

  8. leelu, I think a lot of it also depends on how fast you can get in there and clean up. The longer it sits, the nastier it gets.

    The last time we got mega flooded, a bunch of us when over to clean out my friends apartment/house, and we did everything from trashing to walls to floor boards in one day. . .but as she'd been closer to the river and the water had gotten higher, it also too longer for it to drain out. The layers of floorboards were already beyond hideous by the time we were able to get in there.

    Looks like these people were relatively lucky with a low water line, so they probably were able to get in there quickly before everything turned absolutely vile.

    The saddest house I helped clean out was the couple who had just bought a new house–as in, all belongings still in boxes on the first floor. You couldn't see, hear or guess that river was anywhere remotely near the house (because it wasn't), but the flood in 06 was one of those "100 floods," and they lost all they owned and severely damaged their just-signed for purchase over night. 🙁

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