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The Boys Are Back In Town — Yesterdays


Unorganized Hancock are back! They’ve got a cool new logo, and a new video, Yesterdays by Wes Montgomery:

It was — get this — over sixty degrees, so the boys recorded outside. No, really; it was over sixty degrees, all at the same time, instead of broken into pieces and spread over several days. Farenheit!

Wes Montgomery was such a wonderful and original player. I don’t know why my kids have such good taste. I think they’re supposed to be playing death metal at flight-deck volume or they’ll be thrown out of the garage band union, but they don’t show any inclination to annoy us or the neighbors yet.

Speaking of annoying the neighbors, Unorganized Hancock has a gig. There’s a converted church in town that has a real stage in it, along with function rooms and so forth, and my boys are appearing there next Friday night: It’s called 49 Franklin. (Scroll down to see their promo picture). They’re headlining, but they’re playing first. The drummer is a pro, but he’s got to be in bed by nine, so they’re going to blast away for an hour at 7:00 PM. Good luck to the band that has to follow them. How do you follow that?

Many thanks to everyone that’s hit the tip jar for the boys, and linked to their videos, and hit the like buttons on YouTube and Facebook. The Heir and The Spare had a difficult couple of weeks, and the love and support they receive from my Intertunnel mob means the world to them. And me. (Special thanks to Malcolm from America’s hat) We now have a computer that will play 1080p video (thanks, Cliff E !), and we were able to purchase a big hard drive to put the videos on. The boys have a keyboard now, too, and can both play it some. Look for that soon. The boys are improving by leaps and bounds these days. Me, I don’t even know which end of the piano you blow in.

(Update: Many thanks to Phil B. from Yucca Vall-E!)
(More Up To Date: Many thanks to Kathleen M. from CT for her friendship and support)
(Way Update: Thanks a ton to Stephen L. in Ohio for helping the boys out!)

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  1. That was brilliant! My boy says "try again" (which in two-year-old-ese means "play" it again). The the second time, he said "pretty cool. More? More?"

    I figure that if he likes this kind of music when he's little, it'll help inoculate him against the ugly stuff later.

    Nice logo. I pity the fools who follow these guys onstage.

    I know the boys weren't the only ones having a difficult couple of weeks. You all have been in my prayers, for what that's worth. And once again, thanks for sharing this bit of yourselves out here. You help make the world a better place.

  2. Das Logo sind sehr Kuhl!

    Howze come the Heir keeps looking at his twin?

    I still recommend the Spare get a 1"-brim hat. Nail the image.

  3. Love it! LOVE IT! The logo is perfection. Unorganized Hancock makes me very happy, and they can't go wrong with Wes Montgomery as an example.

    I came late to jazz; I was in my 40s. The first album I bought was Wes Montgomery's Down Here On The Ground (his next-to-last album, recorded in January 1968). As a result, I tend to judge all jazz guitarists by the Wes Standard, and The Heir has done a fine, fine job.

  4. Talk about leaps and bounds…they really have come on at a rapid clip.As an aside we may hit 60 here this week too…whoopee!

  5. Is is bad luck to send well-wishes to musicians?
    (I don't know these things!)
    Please tell the band I expressed a tiding that is performance appropriate 🙂
    and I look forward to the news.

  6. Very nice, they are playing the notes quite well. Next step is to take on the fact that jazz needs to swing. At the rate they are progressing, that is just a short time away.

  7. Exceptional.
    Swings well, I thought, captures the personality of the tune nicely. Wes is a fine role model, as are many jazz players.
    Piano next for the drummerson? Wood winds for the elderboy?

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