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Someday, We’ll Be Together

Reader and sometime impresario Dave requested that song by the Strokes back in October, and my boys did a lively version of it back then. They decided to re-record it and show what a difference the purchase of some musical and video equipment makes. Here’s the old version:

In a way, the old version is livelier, because it’s, well, live; there’s no overdubbing, and live performances are almost always more animated. But just look at how much more interesting to look at the new one is.

I’m working around the clock just now, and the kids weren’t able to count on any input whatsoever from me. So they did it all themselves, in one afternoon, including playing the bass (***sob***fired again). They have better lighting, and an inexpensive multi-track recorder, and a proper PA system to sing through, and another guitar for a different tone, and more microphones. The original recording was just the ambient mic on a Flip camera, but now they have two cameras with higher definition, and they can record two video angles simultaneously. My readers made all that possible. Many thanks!

(Update: Thanks to Kathleen M. for her continuing support! Up-Update: Dave! Amazingly generous. Many thanks! Up-Update: Phil B! You’re da best.)

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  1. And now I have some words to write in my own web: TERRIFIC

    A son you can be proud of is one of life's greatest unalloyed joys. Two must be unimaginable.

    Thanks for letting me be the smallest part in all you have accomplished here

    Happiest of New Years!!


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