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Ode To Work

Is it just me, or are there a lot of bespoke ax makers on the Intertunnel just now?

Well, never mind. We applaud people making things out in the landscape, and people buying them, and hopefully, treating them with more respect than something off the rack.

The leaves are turning color here outside my workshop just now, and it’s below 60 inside as I type this. As I watched this fellow feed his forge, I realized I might have chosen the wrong profession in the wrong place for a guy that’s always cold.

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  1. I like axes. I wanted to be an axe murderer when I grew up, but I fell in with good companions. And then found out there's no money in it. Not even enough to buy a cheap Chinese-made axe. Not quite enough to buy one at a garage sale.

    So I'm good with that.

  2. There was a blacksmith shop down at the bottom of Falls Hill, up Spruce Street a ways. There were several people who pulled pulpwood with their horses, but that's been a while back.

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