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So You Want To Be A Landlord, Part Two

Please note, the apartment dweller has hired someone to move her belongings, not clean up her mess. And if you’ve ever had to perform work in the home of a deranged person, you’d understand that the slightly lighthearted way they treated her is the correct approach. If you behave as seriously as a footman in a palace, they think you’re putting them on and are actually just killing time until the black helicopters filled with lizard people that you summoned with your mind powers arrive.

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6 Responses

  1. Oh, man. This makes me feel a lot better about having people move my stuff; some things may be dusty, but nobody will be wading through filth to get to anything. Yikes.

    Somebody needs to invent a way to seal off an apartment to simultaneously disintegrate all the trash and sterilize all the fixtures. They'd make a mint…

  2. I wasn't as overcome by the nastiness of the apartment as I was the kindness of the movers. They had iron wills, nerves of steel and kind hearts.

  3. Brings back memories: I was once referred to a homeowner by her caseworker– and her place looked exactly like this. Knee-to-waist-deep garbage in house, garage and yard. Got it sold, nonetheless, and got her a small pile of money that she pissed away pretty quickly on alcohol and drugs. Just sad– but Anonymous is right, a superb job by the movers–

  4. Kinda makes me glad I married a neatnick.
    You know, the kind that cleans the whole house when she finds the curling iron out of place.

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