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Never Liked Old Beetle-Brow Much

Most popular music is designed to annoy you. Raucous, maybe, or tedious, or teased into an undynamic drone. I cannot pass the time with it for long. I often have music going in the shop, quietly, to mask the buzz of the fluorescent lights, but I’m apparently not as interested in being told that everything sucks in 4/4 time by someone that’s never gotten up before noon and has their M&Ms sorted for them as I used to be. Life does suck — or at least sucks the life out of you. Why make it worse?

My wife likes the Pastoral Symphony. I never liked old beetle-brow much myself. He was having a resurgence back in the seventies when I played an orchestra instrument, and he rubbed me the wrong way. And what was that little shite’s name in Peanuts that was always sawing away at him? Linux or Schroedinger or Sloppy or something. Who cares? Peanuts always sucked, too. Discerning grade-schoolers read B.C. .

But my wife wears me down in the most pleasant ways and I find myself softening on the old, deaf, dead Napoleon bumkisser. He sounds at least 14 percent better than the fluorescent lights to me now. That’s a damn sight better than Looking Glass or Sugarloaf ever was.

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  1. Oh I listened to the 6th just earlier this evening. Formerly I didn't like it that much (his 7th is my favorite), but for some reason, recently, it's really clicked.

    Beethoven is sort of a god-bothering pain in the ass. Always tussling with some great emotion. Somewhere I heard somebody say that while Mozart was writing music for a really grand party this Saturday, Beethoven was writing music for the end of time. The results are sublime, but lighten up, willya?

    But. Nobody macked on the tonic like Beethoven. Some of his melodies sound like they were plucked right down from Plato's Plane, like they couldn't have been written, just discovered.

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