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What It’s Really Like To Work At A Music Store

My son saved up his money and purchased an amplifier for his guitar. It was DELIVERED yesterday by UPS. It was DELIVERED TO OUR HOUSE. It came via a PACKAGE DELIVERY SERVICE. We did not GO TO THE MUSIC STORE. I SAID, WE DID NOT GO TO THE MUSIC STORE. THE STORE. THE MUSIC STORE. MUSIC STORE. WE DID NOT GO THERE. 

This is how people who live in Western Maine shop for guitar amplifiers, and everything else Aubuchon Hardware doesn’t have — you take the Intertunnel to England:

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  1. Sigh.

    Spent 2 1/2 years working at such a store – a large, cacophonous one with no dividing walls between sections that also had several drum kits set up for use. On any given day, the reasons for the sounds being produced could be broken down as follows:

    1% – looking to buy, right now.

    99% – desperate to have musical genius noticed by everyone in store, right now.

    I do not miss it.

  2. If it's an old house with formica countertops, plastic coated drum sticks will guarantee to cause a spinal column collapse.

  3. That was actually very funny. It shows the same reason I cannot go anywhere near an arcade(or a perfume shop)…the noise, noise, NOISE, NOISE, NOISE!

  4. Hi Cameron- My brother runs a music store. I got an extra little frisson posting these videos.

    Do I love Gerard Van der Leun? Yes; yes I do.

    The spare has an entire drum kit and can play it fairly well, BTW.

    Hi Jewel- Beating on anything in here will cause the house to collapse long before any body parts.

    Hi Leslie

    John Lien puts in the shiv!

  5. Awwww. I've got a soft spot for music stores. And I've witnessed I think every scenario shown in those vids. And I never even worked in a music store!!

    But I really do miss the kind of store that would have a big stock of old guitars and amps you could, you know, actually play-test. Instead of deciding that the guitar looks awesome on a website and then crapshoot whether you would like it or not when it arrived.

    Ebay pretty much killed second-hand guitar shops. The interwebs giveth, and taketh. Consarndit.

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