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A Man Who Has Nothing In Particular To Recommend Him Discusses All Sorts of Subjects at Random as Though He Knew Everything

Apparently I Live At George Turner’s House, With A Side Order Of Maxfield Parrish

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  1. If you employ a bow and a couple of retriever trained sons, you can lead Bambi just a little and get that venison inside for the larder before anyone's the wiser.

  2. I am constantly taking pictures of our sunsets…yours is lovely, but nothing compares to the dust filled sky of Arizona.

  3. Nice! Had to look up George Turner though. Always learning something new around here.

    Wikipedia says he has been dubbed "Derbyshire's John Constable".

    I didn't click on John Constable for fear of falling into a landscape artist reference loop.

  4. Are you trying to tell us there is a reason that you risk your life to fix the roof at your current address?

  5. In my limited experience, Albuquerque had the best sunsets I've seen. The clouds started floating in from the west around 4:30, and the setting sun would illuminate them and the Sandia mountains to the east in all the shades possible.

  6. Maxfield Parrish landscapes often look pretty surreal but take a ride to the Cornish NH/Windsor VT area on a nice fall day and you'll realise that he actually nailed it.

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