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What I Did On My Summer Vacation

The eight-year-old spare is fascinated with stop-motion stuff, so we wasted the morning together in a most pleasant fashion. He acted out all the choreography first, and took all the pictures. Eight frames per second will drive a person to distraction, but remember: Don’t panic!

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  1. Jesus, when I was a kid we had to draw stick figures on the corners of successive pages in our school notebooks, and riffle them with our thumbs.

    I guess when you were a kid 15 years earlier they didn't even have stick figures yet.

    Pretty cool stuff.

  2. I would guess you have been told countless times by older and old dads, we would give our right arms to go back in time and play with our one time 8 year olds one last time. Nicely done, thanks

  3. Oh! I loved that – we adore that herky-jerky motion stuff at our house!

    You have some very talented kids, Mr.S.

  4. My daughter went art college and graduated in the field of animation, where she works, sometimes. This was one of the things she had to do, in addition to the flip book. Looks like your spare shaved about six months off his education expenses.
    Nice work, Garrett and Dad.

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