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A Man Who Has Nothing In Particular To Recommend Him Discusses All Sorts of Subjects at Random as Though He Knew Everything

I Was Educated By Nuns Holding Metal-Edged Rulers, So I Don’t Need No Spellczech

Don’t let this guy get a load of the Intertunnel.

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  1. So you're a Catholic school boy eh?

    I've been known to go into a trance like state and recite my times tables two through twelve in one breath at the mere sight of one of those rubber tipped dowels that the nuns used as a blackboard pointer. I still flinch involuntarily doing the nine's.

  2. I remember one particular Sister in the third grade right off the boat from Ireland. She spoke in a very heavy brough. The madder she got at our lack of comprehension, the heavier the brough, rendering her speech unintelligible. Of course this would send her into a frothing Irish rage. She would wade into the class wielding the pointer like a samurai warrior.

    Upon arriving at the Mother Superiors office she assumed, being boys, that we were there for lifting the plaid skirts of our classmates and the beatings were repeated without hesitation or opportunity for explanation.

    On the bright side, I can spell flawlessly and recite my times tables on command.

  3. Brogue? Dammit.
    I will report to the Mother Superiors office immediately for further lashings.

  4. Well as usual i am a day late and a dollar short to this article. But, I am so thankful i went to a dark dank fortress of a school in the inner city of Boston. I only had to watch out for the child molesters, vagrants, gangs of all colors and the smiling cop on the beat who would put a boot up our butt if we loitered to long outside Tom English's Dining and Disco.

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