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A Man Who Has Nothing In Particular To Recommend Him Discusses All Sorts of Subjects at Random as Though He Knew Everything

All The Best Things In Life Are Wood With A Little Metal

Don’t know the guy. Never played one of his instruments. He has one hell of a videographer, though.

People should make things.

Yanuziello Stringed Instruments

(Our Intertunnel friend misterarthur sent that along)

8 Responses

  1. Dude, seriously, if you are a musician and a woodworker, for the love of God lower the upper blade guide on your bandsaw when sawing thin pieces. Gives me the willies just watching that.

  2. I just jogged over and checked his prices.

    And it's right back to the Chinese Epiphone, the Chinese Ibanez, and the Korean Hamer for me.

  3. An artist friend says, "If it came from a tree, don't waste it."

    I'm trying to save my pile of lumber. Pieces of cherry that I may never get around to using, some basic dimensional pine, and a small handful of interesting kinked branches.

    Will make for a hell of a funeral pyre.

  4. This is like watching my dad rebuild pianos and refinish them in his basement. Every decade, the man acquired a new life skill. After my mother died, he taught himself how to tune pianos. Ten years later, he was stripping them and refinishing them. Ten more years after that, Steinway was calling him to restring and put new hammers into their pianos. Not bad for a high school gradgiate.

  5. Hi Sixty- I noticed that, too, but I was inclined to ascribe that to some gap in my knowledge of what's going on. He seems to know what he's doing. I saw old bastige shipbuilders using their rigs like that, too. I don't know why.

    Hi Andy- Like you, I won't be a customer. It would be an outrage to the entire universe for me to end up with one anyway. Giving typewriters to monkeys will eventually produce Shakespeare, it's true, but it makes the monkeys sad to expect it from them.

    Hi Jewel- Your father sounds like and interesting fellow.

    Hi Peter- Words to live by. Your pile of lumber reminds me of a tired story:

    A boatbuilder saves the best pieces of wood he encounters for his entire career. Just a piece here, and a piece there — cutoffs and scraps and leftovers, but chosen with a studied eye for their fine and interesting grain, or profound strength.

    He was always going to make a little boat for himself from the pieces; a glorious patchwork of wood to mess about in. Like all such enterprises, it outlasted its creator — he perished with the wood still stashed in his workshop.

    His comrades in bevel squares conspired at his wake: Let's go together — though we are drunk — to his workshop, and use these fine boards and baulks to fashion the greatest casket a boatbuilder has ever had!

    They worked through the night, each taking a portion of the work, and despite their tipsy bleariness, when the morning broke, calm and clear, they marched down to the undertaker's with the gleaming prize on their shoulders.

    The undertaker said he had never seen anybody — president or potentate, pope or peon — who was to be buried in a finer looking casket. Then he opened the lid.

    "You maybe should have left out the centerboard."

  6. A local music store owner has a neverm played, mid 80's Hamer Standard -flame top like no other, bound hockey stick neck, fat DiMarzios, etc.- hanging in his office. I drool over it every time I am there for my dose of strings.

    Wanted one ever since I saw Rick Nielson and Cheap Trick for the first time. He knows I want it.

    I guess he must have been contemplating a stroke or something when he floated a a reachable number out to me for the guitar and case this morning. I couldn't believe it. But then, realizing that a case of talent wasn't included in the case, I dejectedly left it hanging in its customary spot in the store. I want it but I so do not deserve it.

    I'll be back to drool on it some more next week.

  7. All but some nasty looking 2x4a and the pallets has been saved.

    Turns out there were some hardwood boards in the shed — most likely maple — that I had forgotten about. I can't even remember where I got them.

    Might have rescued them when my neighbor cleaned out.

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