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Ghost In The Machine

Well, the Furniture Pandaemonium Come-On-Down Deep Discount Everything Must Go To The Four Walls Limited Time Offer Borderline Begging Extravaganza was a big success. Lots of people got a lot of nice stuff for cheap and we got an infusion of business at just the right time. So, thanks in general.

In particular…

Thanks to Bird Dog at Maggies Farm for sending his readers our way clutching twenties. Kind words were spoken in the comments there too, which is always nice.

One of my oldest friends I hadn’t heard from in quite some time appeared in his will-o-the-wisp way and bought some things, likely for his lovely daughter. That was nice.

One of my original Intertunnel friends Ruth Anne bought some stuff for her lovely family. She’s a peach, and her whole family is the color of a peach, which is kinda cool.

Rob from NJ bought two tables. Longtime friend and supporter of the blog and furniture site. He’s living a parallel life to mine, just doing a better job at it.

Daphne from Jaded Heaven is a terrific writer and friend and has bought all sorts of furniture from me lately. One of the best things about the most interesting blogs is the window you get into people’s lives who are in far-flung places and leading different lives.

Our new neighbors in Maine are really nice people. We’re fleeing Massachusetts, so we’re not used to people being nice to us, but we’re trying to adapt as best we can. Gayle and Kate from down the street came by in person and got a treasure – a table too big to ship. They paid me twice for it, on purpose. It’s a form of transactional alzheimers we appreciate greatly here. Now we only have to sell one child to the circus.

Thanks to everyone. I’m boxing things as fast as I can and that’s the best sort of work there is.

(PS: Because we’ve found PayPal to be so unreliable and skeevy, we’ve changed over to Google Checkout for our payment service. So far, on our end, it’s been an overwhelming upgrade in every way. We’re wondering how it was for all our customers, too. Ruth Anne says it was a breeze, but we’d like to hear from others in the comments or privately. Thanks!)

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  1. Sipp…I'm thinking of shipping a load of stuff home next year and one of your larger works would go great in my money pit…just have to figure out which one.

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