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A Man Who Has Nothing In Particular To Recommend Him Discusses All Sorts of Subjects at Random as Though He Knew Everything

Even If You’re Fatigued, You Can Still Do Carpentry

It’s easy to forget that the military trains all sorts of people to do all sorts of useful things to support its main function. I’ve hired lots of ex-military people for construction jobs and they almost always outperformed civvies.

A long time ago, they used to be the only guys with tattoos; more recently, they were the only ones without them.

I noticed they’re all wearing hardhats and safety goggles all the time. Getting shot at is probably less dangerous than roofing anyway.

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  1. When I was a tyke, my dad owned service stations and his part timers were always young Marines from Camp Pendleton – dependable, on time, honest, polite and hard working to a man. It's 45 years later now and my 84 year old dad is still in touch with one of "his guys" who just became a grandfather himself and is father to two Navy Seals.

  2. NMCB 21 is currently in Afghanistan. They are Seabees. The primary mission is to support the Marines. they are going to make sure that while the Marines fight the war, they have a roof over their head. Well, at least when they make it back to base.

    Go Navy!

  3. "Getting shot at is probably less dangerous than roofing anyway."

    Not according to OSHA – per their regs, those two roofers are extensively in violation; should have body tethers, etc.

    I was impressed with the teamwork on display, though – during my rougher/framer days, I sure could have used another set of hands-and legs-while on the job.

    BTW – no big toolbelts? No waistbags for roofing nails? And what's with that handling lumber in the rain? Ah, well…

    MOS "promotional" videos – gotta love 'em.

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