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Plasma Is The Most Common Form Of Matter

Cal Lane uses mundane things and mundane tools. But then again, Michaelangelo just banged on rocks.

Cal Lane

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  1. That is double bitchin'. Stuff like that makes me wish I was artistically inspired instead of profit motivated like everybody else.

    I swear I love my plasma cutter. The tool I'll never surrender, I'm afraid. I purchased it to assist in the assembly of a kit AC Cobra about 10 years ago.

    Sometimes when I am stressed, I'll stop by a local steel yard and get some scrap. Then I come home and blast at it for a hour or so. Unties the knots after a trying day.


  2. Beautiful! I love the shovels and the wheelbarrow particularly! But immediately wondered if they will rust away to nothing…Metal lace, now that's cool!

  3. WOW. That's beautiful art. Mad talent.

    Came by way of Andy at Dipso. He said this place was good. He's good people so I had to check it out. So far… so good.


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