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Whose House Four

(Update) Well. I’ve finally found one that took more than a day to figure out. Commenter Eric, who is very observant, wonders who would have a picture of Oliver Cromwell on the wall. A fine clue, that. I’ll tell you no one Irish would have that picture. I bet it was the father of the object of our architectural affections, who built the house. The fellow we’re looking for eventually moved right down the street, and lived for a good long time at that address, too:

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  1. Now that is weird. I’ve never seen that house before to my knowledge and so had no real clue as to whose it is, but my first thought was also Walt Whitman.

  2. Where’s Waldo? Our transcendalist anonymous friend knows.

    Emerson for the win! Monument Street in Concord, Mass.

  3. You know, I was googling people’s houses and I saw that square house, but I was looking for that Dutch roofed thing.

  4. Eric- The older house was built by Emerson’s father, who was something of a big deal before Ralph. Old Ralphie lived there for two separate periods before moving to the second house. The older house was simply called “The Old Manse.” They’re on Monument Street in Concord, one of the country’s greatest addresses. I helped renovate some houses on Monument Street way back when. Hmm… When you have your own indoor riding ring, I’m not sure it’s a “house” anymore.

    Emerson’s father is buried at King’s Chapel.

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