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Messed-Up Mashup Goodness

Microsoft Songsmith. Like so much of what’s generated under the vague heading of “tech,” it’s useless for anything productive or elegant. But it’s lying there lifeless on the digital ground and someone picks it up and puts it to “good” use anyway.

In a real way, the more profoundly useless a thing is, the more fun people seem to get out of using it. All Your Base Are Belong To Us and Dramatic Chipmunk and the glorified Gong Shows most contest entertainments supply are really the audience putting the fun in what is essentially humorless. Do you really think the suits thought Paula Abdul making dizzy remarks about high-school-talent-show-level singing was going to be a phenomenon? They put it on hoping they could sell ShamWows to shut-ins, and were as surprised as anybody when people made their own fun out of the dreck and made the show a success.

Songsmith supplies “musical” backing to you when you sing in the shower, only you’re not in the shower. Some mildly inspired person decided to strip familiar vocals out of popular songs and feed them into Songsmith’s hopper and see what came out.

It’s like looking at a car wreck on the highway as you roll slowly past the flares and state policemen waving flashlights. Fun!

More here at Heh.

2 Responses

  1. Thanks for linking to my videos — “mildly brilliant” is the best compliment I’ve received in a long time 😉

  2. azz100c- Our little son has two kinds of praise. First, there’s “good” for anything he likes. Then’s there’s “pretty good,” which to him means fantastic. I like to think of the gears grinding in his head, modifying “good” with the word “pretty” in the exact opposite way you and I do, but in a perfectly reasonable way anyway. Pretty and good must trump good, musn’t they?

    Your videos are pretty good.

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