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Pi Alley, Or: Return To The Scene Of The Crime

Lots of people were interested in my little diatribe about the Boston City Hall from last Friday. There were fewer defenders of the eyesore than the population of Larry Craig’s bathroom stall, but somebody must like it – it’s still standing. If someone trees one of the rascals let me know, and I’ll heat the tar.

Let’s not dwell on the bad and the ugly. Let’s look again at the good; the old Boston City Hall. Speaking of rascals, my mind wanders back, and wonders at how marvelous it would have been to stand before the lion’s head doors for a moment, and then go in and see former Mayor James Michael Curley in there. Ah, the politicians have gotten smaller, too. (click to embiggen the pictures)

Look at the Postmodern Bridge of Sighs rammed into the back of the building; tell the children to avert their eyes –it’s architectural sexual assault. Ah, yes. The bag man for the mayor always drove a Caddy, and always parked wherever they wanted to on Pi Alley

6 Responses

  1. Sippican, all these Boston photos, even the hideous New City Hall one, are making me homesick, so I just got on and booked a trip.

    Never underestimate the power of the blogosphere!

  2. But remember, don’t go through the tunnels, as enormous bales of money sometimes become dislodged and crush passing motorists.

  3. I restore period buildings over here in u.k. so its good to see such a striking building as this.I have a house in ca but the more I see of old property in New england the more tempted I become.People in u.k. dont know how just how many period houses there are in America..too much watching tv I suppose…please show more.

  4. Hello to our Liverpudlian friends. Boston is full of old stuff. In many ways it’s a very European place, still.

    Here’s a story about the oldest wood frame house in America, more or less. Would it look out of place in Totleigh on the Wold? I doubt it.

    Not Knowing What’s Not So

  5. I own Liverpools oldest pub(1726)…a strippling compared to wood frame house.I,ve seen houses in norfolk and other parts of southern England that resemble wood framed house.

  6. Liverpool- That house is in Norfolk County here in Massachusetts; how appropriate.

    You own Liverpool’s oldest pub? I’ll be right over, as soon as I find my darts.

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