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A Man Who Has Nothing In Particular To Recommend Him Discusses All Sorts of Subjects at Random as Though He Knew Everything

This Old Cave

Cave broke. Must fix cave. Broke cave get in way of hunting and gathering. Make caveman that lives there broke, if broke house get in way of not being broke. Caveman fix cave.

Cavewoman complain when cave is broke. Does not like when cavecubs go into sky off end of cave stoop. She afraid cavecubs will become cavestoops from many blows to head. Prominent eyebrow ridge not enough, she say. Chance to produce more cavecubs withheld from poor caveman.

Caveman fix cave stoop right now.

Caveman multimedia star now. Will document cave repair.

Cavecub, go get hammer.

No, that hammer I use to marble paper. Get real hammer.

No, that hammer I use to make pictureframes and scratch doorframes when I walk by wearing belt. Cavedad said bring hammer.

Cavecub getting warm now. Waffle face of framing hammer is like Reiki massage for thumbnails. Very refreshing. But cavecub still not get it.

Ah, cavecub is mine after all. Good cavecub.

Cavecub helps:

Caveman put cave cubs to bed early tonight.

9 Responses

  1. anwyn- Of course, but the nifty “unintended diving board” effect is gone.

    Pat- No one said life was fair here at the cave.

  2. Pat: Remember Cavewoman withholds chance for more cavecubs until stoop repaired?

    That early-to-bed is reward for Caveman.

  3. Oh, I got that part, Ruth Anne. I would have put cavecubs to bed early, too… But poor little cavecubs need some kind of reward, beyond a happier, less-stress-filled cavedad, for their fine work!

  4. Big cavecub avoids being sold to circus by effort. Small one threatened with medical experiments if he no help.

    Cavecubs help plenty.

  5. Good Lord! Cavecommentor trying not to LOL while at civil servant caveman job. It would make other civil servant cavemen uncivil.

  6. My new cavefriend David McK:
    Keep eye open for other civil service cavemen who are not gruntled. I hear not-gruntled-civil-service cavemen sometimes bring rock to work and bash everybody.

    Keep everybody grunting, and gruntled, cavedad always say.

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