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I Remember When Rock Was Young…

It’s pretty silly, I know, but I got a kick out of it.

When grown up men play metal, I have a tendency to be bemused. By “bemused,” I mean I think they’re stupid and silly and absurd and a total, utter waste of everyone’s time. But you can reconsider a bit when you see these kids bang away at some silly thing and getting so much enjoyment out of it.

Naming your band the Unholy Slasher Goths of Satan and prancing around like a cross between Richard Simmons and Hannibal Lecter isn’t really all that subversive. The worldview is really more similar to Barney the purple dinosaur than a neo-nazi. Wear a costume, and yammer at children about sharing or Riding The Storm Out or something. I get the same sort of vibe from adults reading comic books. It’s kinda silly, but harmless.

I suppose that we could watch these kids and wish they were a chamber orchestra, sawing away at The Four Seasons. Vivaldi, I mean, not Frankie Valli. But of course that’s adult entertainment, in the true sense of the word. Children prefer mindless exhortations to Rock, because they don’t actually rock yet. Let them bang away.

They won’t be silly until they’re old men, bursting out of their spiked codpieces, their exposed chest hair going gray, wandering around a stage still blabbing about Devil worshipping over three power chords while their accountant buys T-bills for them and their personal assistant hands them Evian.

Rock on, kids!

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  1. Don’t know why, but I’m getting a definite homeschool vibe from this group.

    I especially love the little Cher-in-training and her McCartneyesque air guitar. Precious.

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