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Well, now that you know how to run a Roman army, let’s figure out how you’re going to get that army where it’s going. Luckily, someone named Sasha Trubetskoy has made a subway-style map of all the major Roman roads, circa 125 anno domini. And it’s very, very cool:

You can click on it to embiggen it. I would. I did. It’s fascinating. It took a whole lot of work to assemble this. There’s lots of info about how he did it at the link. He makes some interesting deductions about the road network, too:

How long would it actually take to travel this network? That depends a lot on what method of transport you are using, which depends on how much money you have. Another big factor is the season – each time of year poses its own challenges. In the summer, it would take you about two months to walk on foot from Rome to Byzantium. If you had a horse, it would only take you a month.

Roman roads were no joke. Some of them are still in use. This is a very serious transportation network that indicates the the Roman Empire was worthy of its name. The Mediterranean was a Roman lake, and most of Europe was a Roman parking lot. And if you add in a recipe for pizza, they ended up conquering the world.

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